diagram showing good posture and poor posture in standing human

(top to bottom) - Psoas/Illiacus/Quadricep stretch (hip flexors) - Mobilising this area will help prevent that outwards butt arched lower back shape.

Pec stretch - With the use of a doorway you can lengthen the main contributor to those rounded drooping shoulders

Rectus abdominus (upper abs) stretch - your abs may look defined but are they the culprit for dragging you down?

Try to be conscious of your posture as often as you can by reminding yourself to sit up straight throughout the day, and stretch as often as you can, especially if you’re at a desk all day. Bad posture is a habit that won’t be broken overnight but with some persistence your body will find its natural equilibrium again and you may find yourself getting a bit more attention from attractive individuals.  


Want to fix your posture so that you look, perform, and feel your best? Isractive specialises in postural awareness and correction as well as movement and personal training. Contact Isractive for more information.​

To put this all in perspective, Darwin discusses things like good health and the ability to deal with stress as few concepts that factor into sexual selection.  People with good posture are perceived as healthy, confident, successful, and capable people.  So in terms of this study, if you have good posture you’re more likely to attract people with the same posture as yourself, including all of the same great qualities and perceptions that come with it.  

Additionally, by just standing up straight, you can accentuate your features and look trimmer instantly. Posture is one of the first non-verbal impressions you can make, even if you don’t feel mentality confident, your body posture and how you carry yourself can speak volumes when it comes to attracting someone.   

Not convinced yet?  instructed a group of men stand with good postures and noted that even after holding the posture for only a few minutes, the men experienced a 20% increase in testosterone and a 25% decrease in cortisol, the hormone that contributes to stress. What’s more, is that once a person has acquired a good posture, it’s been  to contribute to that person’s overall energy level as their body is performing and working more efficiently.  



Here's some techniques to help improve your posture

human perfect posture improve best method


As the first of many blog posts to come I decided that I would tell my story of the building site crane. It's an overly simplified analogy comparing an immensely strong machine that we see active on construction sites all over the developing world to our muscular-skeletal system of the human body. I bring this story into conversation early on with new clients when helping them into understanding the process of building real applicable strength and stability into their bodies, and why a precise, controlled and patient work(out) ethic necessary in order to achieve this.Mechanics is everywhere. It is so common to the point that the majority of us don't even pay attention to mechanics at work. The obvious examples that spring to mind might be the cars we drive, or appliances in our houses such as washing machines or heating units. But how often do we appreciate the reason why our buildings don't fall down or how the brackets holding our TV to the wall are so strong. When was the last time you considered how electricity cables don't pull down pylons or how bridges span distant expanses without collapsing? This is before we even look into the natural environment (where incidentally many man made structures have been designed based on support systems inspired by nature).

SADS symptoms winter view

How to beat 'SADS' and have the most productive winter ever​

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a lot more common than people think. In fact, in the UK alone it’s been reported that 29% of the population have symptoms of SAD with women being four times more likely than men to experience symptoms. Even in Tel Aviv, with its relatively warm winters, the seasonal changes can still have an effect. So what is SAD? How can you tell if you might be affected by SAD? And what’s the best way to beat SAD? Here are some of the most effective ways you can tackle SAD and have the best winter yet. What is Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD)? SAD is a reoccurring major depression that follows a seasonal pattern. It generally affects people in the late fall to winter with symptoms dissipating in the spring and summer. While the cause of SAD isn’t completely known, there is strong evidence suggesting it has to do with the limited or change in availability of sunlight during fall and winter months which can then change or alter a person’s internal biological clock as well as alter hormones.

ice bath frozen hot body man athlete

The surprising health benefits of exposure to extreme temperatures​

It may be that you like to indulge in the post workout steam room cycled with a jump into a cold swimming pool. Perhaps you’ve been injured and your therapist has suggested ice baths or heat pads. You may have even been training for an event and wondered about how training at extreme temperatures may improve your athletic performance when it comes to race day. Beyond this, whether you live in a hot or cold climate (or indeed somewhere that experiences both), we all remember the times when our Mother’s would tell us to put on another sweater if you’re cold, “or there’s nothing wrong with suffering a bit – It’s good for you!”. There may actually be a point to all this. Here’s what science has to say about the human body and it’s tolerance and reactions to different temperature environments. What air temperature is safe or (dangerous) for humans?The human body maintains a constant temperature of 37C, and this can fluctuate throughout the day within the range of +/- 1C. Internal and external factors contribute to any fluctuations, for example physical activity, emotional state, presence of an illness or of course the environmental temperature. Under normal conditions our bodies maintain our internal temperature by the use of subconscious response mechanisms, the most obvious of which are sweating and shivering.  As for the external temperature range that humans can tolerate – we don’t have a straight answer. You may have seen on the weather forecast that they often refer to expected ‘real feel’ conditions. This is because the temperature that we feel (and can tolerate) also depends on additional parameters such as humidity and wind. Our ideal temperature while naked, is around 28C with a relative humidity of 40-50%.  It has been reported that in extremely dry conditions (0% relative humidity), and with an adequate supply of cold water, that we can tolerate air temperatures of up to 120C for short periods (exact times are unknown, but we’re talking in the 10’s of minutes and not hours). In comparison, with a relative humidity of 80-100% (which can be common in tropical climes), we would struggle to tolerate long exposure of temperatures above 55C.  The same applies to exposure to cold conditions. Below 28C we would likely feel the need to wear light clothes. Much below 20C slightly thicker clothing would be required and below 12C we’re already in the range that without winter attire we would be at risk of hyperthermia. In addition to the effects of humidity, (which apply to both hot and cold temperatures), we also need to take into account further complications such as frost bite. Our range of tolerance to cold is much smaller than that with exposure to heat. Again, exact data is hard to find, but there have been instances of temperatures of -20C being tolerated whilst physically active, but for most, the lower limit of exposure to cold whilst naked would be around 13C.​

caveman living in modern times


Our urban lifestyles and technical environment may seem so distant from the caveman era of our ancestors, but what if they had it right? Whilst tribes may not have had the education systems that we have today, nature and evolution played its part in building life saving habits and instinctually healthy behaviour. Here’s our top tips for living cave-style within our modern world.​

barefoot in forest trees feet

Why YOU need to train in your BARE FEET

Minimalist and barefoot training is one of the few things the fitness industry has done right, though in practice it is something that many get wrong - read about out all you need to know here ....

Isractive Personal Trainer health check


Keeping healthy and in shape doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be about killing yourself mentally or physically. Here is some genuine sound advice right from the heart of Isractive - our top ten for living a healthy life and moving well... 1. Don’t get stuck!Allocate 10 minutes each day to run through a basic routine of full body mobility movements/stretches. Ensure that through the years you don’t lose your range of motion in each joints and you’ll enjoy joint health and longevity of movement. Related:  This One Activity Should Be Your Biggest Daily Habit  2. Walk!Who said exercise has to be intense all the time? Spend as much time on your feet each day as you do sitting. Walk around the office, walk your commute, and even a bit of housework is enough to balance out your sedentary time. 3. Want a smoking hot body?No problem, but let it be as a healthy bi-product of an efficient and strong body. Fix all the deficiencies in your movements habits, eat raw and green, and you’ll be performing at your best for pushing your limits in training. The lean machine look will pop out sooner than you’re expecting!





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How posture leads to sex appeal

feet of man and woman intimate setting

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

We already know that our bodies are becoming increasingly strained and inefficient by our poor postures and now you may want to fix it for reasons other than just your health.  Many of us spend hours hunched over some sort of technological device, which causes prolonged physical discomfort as well as inhibiting athletic performance. Among this, a study has found that it also affects our physical attractiveness. 


The relationship between posture and attractiveness

Researchers did a study in which they asked 112 young male adult participants to rate different levels of attractiveness in some computer generated female figures. What the participants didn’t know is that figure’s posture, as well as their own, was also being analyzed. Researchers found that there was a strong correlation to the posture of the figures and the postures of the participants in terms of their attraction levels, meaning that the participants were more attracted to people who shared the same posture as them. The study also emphasized the importance of symmetry in attractiveness. The researchers found that the more symmetrical the figures were, the more attractive the participants found the figure.

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