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Functional training is all the rage in fitness right now and is touted in many fitness programs but what does functional training really mean? Are you truly getting a functional workout as many of these training regimes claim? Functional training has become a bit of buzz word in the fitness industry and it is often misused as the term functional training is somewhat vague. Functional training is more than just being good at one specific activity, I mean, how functional is it for you to get really good a picking up and putting down something heavy? Functional training is about the movement you do everyday and working towards being the most efficient you can be in performing those movements. So while picking up heavy things may make you strong it doesn’t do anything to address potential deficiencies that are created by a sedentary lifestyle, poor technique, poor posture or stability, which when done properly, are the types of things that makes us a more efficient, functional, moving, and healthy human beings. 

Physiotherapists take a functional approach during rehabilitation.  Primary function movements like standing, walking, running etc. become a physiotherapist’s aim in that they start from scratch to get you back to doing these natural movements in an efficient and healthy manner. Physiotherapists start from the basics and do exercises in steps in order to help the healing process of an injury. Stability, balance, range of motion are worked on in order to get back to that person back to the main movement that they were doing prior to the injury. Functional fitness works in the same manner in breaking down foundations and exercises to perfect your natural movements in the daily activities and fitness activities that you perform. Functional fitness reaches much farther than the mere longing for rock-hard abs. While there is nothing innately wrong with desiring to be aesthetically fit from your fitness program, the main focus and goal with our fitness instead should be to be able to live long, healthy and efficient lives. Then with the aesthetic part of fitness the coming as a welcomed reward for reaching functional efficiency. This is the true aim of functional fitness. 

Getting back to the basics is challenging so it’s extremely helpful to collaborate with personal trainer to help keep you grounded. A good trainer will come up with a plan to get your natural and healthy foundations back so you can get you to be the healthiest and most efficient version of yourself (and you might get those rock-hard abs too with your efforts). At Isractive, our primary focus is on functional fitness with a holistic approach to have you move and perform as nature intended. Contact us to start your real functional fitness journey today!

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Isractive is based in the 'Old North" of Tel Aviv. Private training sessions usually take place at Kolnoa Peer Fitness Club, occasionally in private workout facilities, and when appropriate out in the field (park). Remote, "virtual" or video sessions are also available.

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