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Why aesthetics should be viewed as a bi-product to our active lifestyles

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When it comes to the large-scale fitness industry they have a way of making money off people’s failures. Gyms count on people who buy memberships and never show up and for fitness and nutrition plans to not be followed. The main reason for this is because as a society, the driving force behind fitness is based on our desire to look better with the focus of fitness being purely on aesthetics. While there is nothing innately wrong with wanting to look good, it needs to be a bi-product of your fitness goals. This is why it’s important to find a personal trainer that is willing to offer something beyond physical appearance. 

The problem with this portion the fitness industry and our society’s approach to fitness, is that this hyper focus on aesthetics has caused strong negative and distorted views on fitness and nutrition. It’s an overwhelming feeling to think that you should look and eat a certain way all the time, let alone exhausting and demoralizing. It’s not a very inspiring way to get people to want to change their lifestyles. A healthier and more viable approach to fitness should be about attaining optimum health, increasing energy and mobility, and ultimately to get back to moving as natural, functional human beings. This integration of well-being, balance, mobility, and yes, even enjoyment with our fitness not only brings the best out in us in terms of our athletic performance but also, in the end, with our physical appearance.  

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When our bodies are moving and positioned as they should be, not only do we feel better, but ultimately we’ll also look better. The psychology behind this approach is more positive and also makes for long lasting, maintainable results both for our health and our physical appearance. This also enforces inner and personal accountability that will keep us motivated in continuing to being active and reach whatever goals we have set out for ourselves. 

Starting a fitness journey is so much more than just physical appearances and with the right approach, a good personal trainer can help you get back to your functional basics, lay out your goals, and give you the correct guidance while providing inspiration without micromanagement. A well-rounded training program aims in creating personal accountability through goals that are focused on achievements based outside of just physical aesthetics and are instead focused on getting back to basic functional movements and creating life-long fitness habits. 

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By working with a trainer that takes a holistic approach to fitness not only are you getting the best approach for your health you’re also helping to change personal perceptions on our obsession with physical aesthetics. Isractive has everything you need to start a healthy and holistic approach to your fitness and health goals with our functional training methods. Get your fitness journey started by contacting us today.

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