Personal Trainers are NOT Babysitters


Why the workout time you commit to outside of your personal training is the most important

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The new year is here and many of us have made some sort of resolution to improve our health and fitness. Great! Maybe you’re looking to invest in a personal trainer? Even better, accountability and guidance can make a huge difference in meeting your goals. But guess what? That time you put in with your personal trainer should not be the only time you’re committed to your goals. In fact, the efforts you make at the gym, or wherever you exercise, outside of the time you give to your personal trainer is more than just important, it’s essential, and you better be prepared for it before making an investment of your time and money.

Despite what many people think, personal trainers are not fitness-babysitters. Yes, they can help bring out your best but when the day is done you are the only one responsible for making your goals a reality. Think about being back in school, if you didn’t do your homework who was held accountable for it? You or your teacher? And if you didn’t do your homework and put the work in chances are you weren’t successful in the class. Personal training is the same. 

Having a personal trainer isn’t about showing up, working hard for the time your trainer is present, then completely forgetting about your fitness goals afterwards as you’re wasting your own time if you’re not doing more. You need to have a plan if you want the best results and longevity as that one hour you spend with your personal trainer isn’t enough to cover everything. Your trainer can help create a plan that works for you and even help you stick to the plan but it’s ultimately up to you to do your “homework” and put the work in if you want results.  

Trust me, your trainer will thank you too. Your personal trainer really wants you to improve and meet your goals and nothing is more frustrating for a personal trainer than a client who doesn’t commit or do their “homework”. So before you sign up for personal training be sure to ask yourself if you’re willing to get the most out of your personal training by doing the work necessary outside of the training sessions. 

Are you willing to do some “homework” and ready to blast your fitness goals in 2019? Isractive offers in-person and online personal fitness training, movement training, and postural correction to help you reach your fitness goals and perform your best. Contact us for more information on how to get started!

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