You can’t out run a bad diet regardless of how fit you may think you are or look

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Food is wonderful. Food is social. Food is culture. Food is fuel. Food is a multifaceted need and a major focal point of enjoyment in our lives. However, overindulging in the wrong types of foods lead to all sorts of health related issues. One of the main problems in modern society is the easily accessible, cheap, and highly processed foods that make it hard for our sugar and carbohydrate evolved bodies to say no to. There is nothing wrong with eating these foods within moderation but if you choose not to eat well the majority of the time under the guise that you exercise, you’re doing yourself a severe disservice. 


“I exercise so I can eat what I want.”


Maybe you have friend that talks this way or maybe this is how you justify and fuel your next workout. Not only is this a horribly negative and all-or-nothing approach on food and exercise, this type of overindulgence is not good for your health. Exercise is important but if your main reason for doing it to justify eating however and whatever you want, you’re not only missing the point, you’ve also created a destructive perception about food and health.


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Exercise alone is not enough to shield you from the health issues that are related to eating poorly. Ask long-time Boston Marathon director Dave McGillivray who has run all his life with 140 marathons and eight Ironman triathlons under his belt, yet in his mid-60s he found himself with coronary artery disease as a result of his poor diet and family history. A bad diet will catch up with you eventually either in excess pounds, heart disease, hypertension, type-2 diabetes and more. Recent studies even say that 1 in 5 deaths can now be contributed to unhealthy eating.

A poor diet also means you’re more apt to injury, have reduced breathing capacities, lower energy levels, longer recovery times from workouts, and a sub-par immune system. Eating a balanced diet not only makes you mentally and physically feel better, you’re also likely to find a new level of athleticism and energy you didn’t know you had.


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If reading this makes you feel sad about your dietary prospects, start with small changes and work towards the majority of your diet consisting of whole foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and proteins. Excessive restrictive eating causes just as many issues as over indulgencing and if you eat well the majority of the time that post-workout burger and fries can be enjoyed moderately. The important thing is to try and rework any negative connotations you’ve created or associated with food. Look to establish positive reinforcements with a balanced diet that revolve around feeling good and performing well versus an attitude that revolves around strictly trying to maintain a certain physical appearance.   


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