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Keeping healthy and in shape doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be about killing yourself mentally or physically. Here is some genuine sound advice right from the heart of Isractive - our top ten for living a healthy life and moving well...


1. Don’t get stuck! Allocate 10 minutes each day to run through a basic routine of full body mobility movements/stretches. Ensure that through the years you don’t lose your range of motion in each joints and you’ll enjoy joint health and longevity of movement.

2. Walk! Who said exercise has to be intense all the time? Spend as much time on your feet each day as you do sitting. Walk around the office, walk your commute, and even a bit of housework is enough to balance out your sedentary time.

3. Want a smoking hot body? No problem, but let it be as a healthy bi-product of an efficient and strong body. Fix all the deficiencies in your movements habits, eat raw and green, and you’ll be performing at your best for pushing your limits in training. The lean machine look will pop out sooner than you’re expecting!

4. Massage! - there are many different techniques to relax your body and mind. Whilst we sometimes need an elbow or hard ball to break up deep fascial adhesions, sometimes all we need is the light touch of fingertips across the surface of our skin and our brains will release our subconscious muscular tension. Try a few techniques to see what helps you best.

5. Only do something fast or heavy if you can do it perfectly whilst doing it slowly. In order to build good habits practice your movements slowly and in a controlled manner. Remember once you go fast or heavy it’s easy to make compensations for poor foundations which will inevitably lead to injury. With solid foundations you’ll be prepared for endurance and agility when it matters.

6. Wear foot shaped shoes! You’re shoes are probably killing your feet and movement. The excessive padding, distorted arch, and squashed toe shape of most shoes continuously contributes to the mis-shaping of our feet and the weakening of all the muscles that support our ankles, control our arch, and aid our balance. For most people, flat and thin shoes that protect our soles but don't influence our how we stand and walk are the best choice and will pay dividends to our knee, hip and ankle health.

7. 20 minutes per day is better than 2 hours twice a week. The consistency and continuity of your training schedule will bring more quality results than a difficult or longer session less often. Practicing new movements/exercises or working on your mobility daily will instill good habits and create a solid foundation.

8. Posture - whilst posture isn’t necessarily as simple as standing or sitting up tall and elegantly it’s a good start. Find ways of becoming aware of how much you are slouching - analyse people passing in the street, look across at your colleagues etc etc… if you’re constantly noticing others then you’ll start becoming aware of yourself too. To take this one step further once you’re standing or sitting tall start controlling your breathing - breathing deep into your diaphragm whilst lifting your ribcage up and outwards (forwards) will also combine and strengthen the important connection and influence of posture on your breathing and vice versa.

8. Lift up your smartphone! In addition to relieving your neck and shoulders from the strain of holding your head in a forwards position for extended periods of time, you’ll de-stress and see new sights every single day if your are looking where you are going. If you must hold your phone while you’re walking places then lift it up to face level so you can still maintain a healthy posture.

10. If you’re motivation for training is about the way you look then press pause and take a look at the way you eat. To change your appearance (and improve your overall health) your diet should be all in and 100% strict. All you need to do is take a look at the friends that allow themselves cheat days or even worse treat products. It takes approximately 3 months to build good habits and over a year for them to become a part of your lifestyle. Only once you have maintained your healthy routine for a year after you have reached your goal weight/desired look then you should even consider allowing a treat here or there.


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